Boston's Magic Circle are releasing their new album Departed Souls next week (3/29) via 20 Buck Spin (pre-order). We recently posted the title track, and we're now premiering another track from the album, "Gone Again." As you'd expect from Magic Circle, the new song gives a fine update on classic doom, with riffs as towering and vocals as howling as you could ask for. This one's also got a Fender Rhodes, and guitarist/songwriter Chris Corry (who also mixed the album) told us a bit about that:

We kind of changed up some elements on this track and incorporated electric piano and a modular synth into the song, with our guitarist Renato Montengro switching over to key duties on the song. We actually lugged a Fender Rhodes piano and speaker cabinet into our practice space to record these parts and we think it was worth it with the end product

It's the kind of song that fans of anything from classic Candlemass to newer stuff like Pallbearer will dig, and Magic Circle do this type of thing really well. Crank your speakers and give this a spin below.

1. Departed Souls
2. I’ve Found My Way To Die
3. Valley Of The Lepers
4. A Day Will Dawn Without Nightmares
5. Nightland
6. Gone Again
7. Bird City Blues
8. Hypnotized

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