Mal Devisa released her excellent debut LP Kiid back in early 2016, and since then she's continued to rise, thanks in part to her fantastic live show. Today, without any warning, she released a followup album, Shade and the little Creature. It's seemingly self-released, and it comes with this message:

Thank you to My loves. Recorded at XL and Sonelab in NY and Mass. Also recorded in my ol' bedroom. Special shoutout to moms for buying me the JDXI. I love you Ep, Mack, Lubansky, All the folks who work at Young Turks: fUCK You and hire Mack back.

Shade is rooted in a similar type of lo-fi, bedroom soul as its predecessor, but it sees Mal taking her sound in new directions too. There's more jazz, more hip hop, more real-deal blues, and other stuff in the mix that's truly impossible to pin down. Mal is in a league of her own, and leading the way on all of these songs is her forceful, powerhouse voice that could stop anyone in their tracks. Stream the full LP below.