One of last year's coolest screamo releases was The Breaks, a five-way split with bands from four different countries: ria, Piet Onthel, Scenes We Have Missed, Bastos, and Children of Boredom. Now, Piet Onthel -- the one-person project of Mashi Mierul from Kuantan, Malaysia -- is releasing his debut full-length album, ambo(l)enitaksu(p)odulu, on Zegema Beach Records this week (U.S.A., Canada/International) and Utarid Tapes (Malaysia).

"The album's title is taken from Kelantan/Malay language (one of the Eastern Malaysian states) which means 'I do not like befor,'" Mashi tells us. "The title of the tale is about someone who is always looking for direction in order to change, and getting yourself from point A to B. All the lyrics are mixed between Malay and English screaming about dissatisfaction in life, the oppression of people, the sad story of love (that is not cliche) and life's struggles."

Musically, ambo(l)enitaksu(p)odulu treks through harsh, raw, lo-fi, '90s-style emoviolence. It sounds like a lost gem from that era by a band who played 30 basement shows before unceremoniously breaking up, and Piet Onthel breathe new life into this kind of thing. Listen for yourself below...


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