UK indie vet Matt Elliott has been at for over 25 years, releasing electronic music as The Third Eye Foundation since the mid '90s and folk/slowcore under his own name since the early 2000s, as well as having contributed to Movietone, Amp, Flying Saucer Attack, This Immortal Coil, and other projects. He has tons of music out, including releases on Merge and Domino, and if you haven't explored his discography yet, it can be intimidating. (Though a lot of people agree 2005's Drinking Songs is a highlight and a good place to start.) Making things even more difficult (in a good way) is that Matt is still making great music. He released his latest album Farewell To All We Know this year, and it's yet another great entry into his already-stacked discography.

Farewell To All We Know is Matt's first "proper" album since 2016's The Calm Before (though he also put out the demos album Songs of Resignation and the compilation Selected Work since then), and not that Matt's solo work has ever sounded happy, but Farewell To All We Know is an especially bleak, somber album. If you liked the latest from Nick Cave and the late Leonard Cohen but you haven't heard this record yet, we recommend changing that. Here's a little more info on this album via Bandcamp:

Farewell To All We Know is an instant classic based on the sensitive piano and superb arrangements of David Chalmin, the sensitive cello of Gaspar Claus, the subtle bass of Jeff Hallam (who has also played with Dominique A and John Parish). There is a clear form of alchemy in all of this and still we find Matt Elliott’s usual atmospheres and scenery, the same Eastern European folk music, long songs that take time to settle over time.

Stream the album in full below...