After being released from prison, Meek Mill returned last month with the great new Miguel-featuring song "Stay Woke," where he offers up incisive criticism of the American police force and justice system's treatment of the black community ("How can I pledge allegiance to the flag / When they killing all our sons, all our dads? I come from a place, when you kill your own brother you can brag / Like he got bodies, but that's a fad, no that's a fact" is just one of the song's heart-stopping lines). Today, Meek returned with a new four-song EP called Legends of the Summer, which includes "Stay Woke" and three other burners. He opens up with "Millidelphia" (ft. Swizz Beatz), where he rattles off tough-guy street talk, a torrent of boasts, and more talk about his unjust sentencing over eerie synth-bass and clattering drums. He sounds extra fired up -- understandably so.

Meek offers up another banger in the form of the sonically and lyrically club-ready "1 AM," and he tones it down for the sex-and-love-fueled "Dangerous," which features crooners Jeremih and PnB Rock. They're four songs that all stand tall on their own, and you can listen to all four below.

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