Hungarian death metallers Mephitic Grave formed in 2018 as the duo of guitarist Zoli and drummer Balázs under the name Mothrot, but they eventually expanded to a four-piece, changed the name to Mephitic Grave, and are now set to release their debut LP Into The Atrium Of Inhuman Morbidity on Carbonized Records this Friday, May 7 (pre-order). The album was entirely recorded, mixed, and mastered in guitarist Knot's basement workshop, but it doesn't sound like a product of the pandemic. It sounds like Mephitic Grave beg to be seen live.

Citing such influences as Abhorrence, Funebre, Autopsy, and more, Mephitic Grave make death metal at its most grimy and foul, but underneath all the murk, it's clear that MG are a tight, precise band and they've got an arsenal of killer riffs. Speaking about the album, the band says:

Beyond the familiar world of the insignificant, something unimaginable lurks. A metadimensional entity, the ultimate and utmost horror from aeons before matter. It feasts upon madness, sorrow and fear of mankind. Every single teardrop, every single drop of blood shed through violence, materializes it’s earthly manifestation: brick by brick, the palace of inhuman morbidity arises where the most ancient ones dwell. Stepping through its threshold, you're entering the atrium of unspeakable terror... this is where your monstrous journey begins. This is the atrium of inhuman morbidity.

The official release isn't until tomorrow, but we're premiering a full stream of the album right here. Listen:



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