There's been an exciting new wave of bands cropping up that connect melodic emo back to its hardcore roots, like Anxious, Koyo, and Stand Still, and if you want more of that in your life, you should check out the debut album by Florida's Method of Doubt, Staring at Patterns. It came out last month on IOU Records, following 2019's Accepting What We Know EP and a 2018 demo, and they may hail from Florida, but I hear a lot of that Silent Majority-style Long Island melodic hardcore that also infiltrated last year's Koyo and Stand Still EPs. And there's definitely some Dag Nasty and other Revolution Summer in there too, and maybe a little Turning Point too. In other words, if you like any kind of hardcore that's anthemic and melodic, this band is worth your time. Give the LP a spin below.


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