Miley Cyrus' chart-topping "Flowers" signaled a return to modern pop after her retro rock/new wave album Plastic Hearts, and also thematically set the tone for the breakup/relationship/self-love themes that are all over her new album Endless Summer Vacation. Musically, though, "Flowers" alone couldn't prepare you for the stylistic collage that makes up this album. Split into two parts, "AM" and "PM," Endless Summer Vacation ranges from the jazzy freakout on "Rose Colored Lenses" to the country-pop of the Brandi Carlile collab "Thousand Miles" to the experimental electronic pop of "Handstand" to the hip hop beats and inflections on "Violet Chemistry" to the Caribbean-influenced "Island" to a couple piano ballads to "River," a retro synthpop banger that could've fit on Plastic Hearts and which Miley just released as the album's second single. Miley makes it all sound cohesive, and she does it all in the way that only she could.

Stream the full record and watch the "River" video below...


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