Minneapolis' Prize Horse are putting out their debut EP Welder this Friday (1/21) on New Morality Zine, and we're premiering a full stream of it in this post. The EP was recorded and mixed by Corey Coffman of Gleemer, and it's cut from a similar emo/shoegaze cloth as that band and likeminded stuff like Modern Color, Greet Death, Hyperview-era Title Fight, and more, and they also embrace the sludgier side of bands like Cloakroom and Holy Fawn. It's an appealing sound that's continued to grow over the past decade or so, and Prize Horse do it well.

"These songs probably connect to different memories and feelings for each of us," guitarist/vocalist Jake Beitel tells us. "For me, as my first time singing over songs I’ve written, it feels very cathartic to put my feelings into music in a new way. I think the release and connection we get out of playing these songs runs the same in all of us, though. These songs were made to be felt physically, and Corey Coffman did an amazing job capturing it on a recording."

Stream the EP below...


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