Last year brought the excellent debut LP We're Not Here To Be Loved by Fleshwater, whose lineup includes three members of metalcore band and vocalist Marisa Shirar, who also makes solo music as MIRSY. Today, MIRSY released a new album, You're Alone. She calls it her first full-length, though it's only seven songs in 13 and a half minutes (including her 2021 single "You Can Stay"), but length aside, it's a great release. It's an offering of gothy, downtempo pop that at various times recalls anything from Chelsea Wolfe to Lana Del Rey to The Postal Service to Massive Attack. Give it a listen below.


Mirsy also released EPs in 2018 and 2019, and has collaborated with Kris Esfandiari of King Woman, Jon Simmons of Balance and Composure, and more. In 2018 she also released a cover of "Errorzone" by Vein whose members she now plays with in Fleshwater (who are just finishing up a tour with Candy). Here's that:

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