Boston's MouthBreather have followed 2017's Pig and 2018's Dollmeat with their first album for Good Fight Music, I'm Sorry Mr. Salesman, which is out today.

"I was immediately impressed by the band upon first listen," said Good Fight Music's Carl Severson. "The artwork grabbed me and then the music was just filled with a palpable rage and urgency. It just clicked with me right away. The guys have a great work ethic and a great vision that I know Good Fight can help actualize. Gonna be a fun one."

The band say they're just as influenced by bands like Deftones, Primus, Tool, and Underoath as they are by more standard punk and hardcore, and you can hear that coming through on this totally genre-defying LP. It's a purely chaotic record, with hints of mathcore, straight-up hardcore, industrial, nu metal, psychedelia, hooky alt-rock, and more. It's absolutely nuts from start to finish, but it never feels like chaos for the sake of chaos. MouthBreather's sense of structure and songcraft is strong too. Listen below.


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