My Brightest Diamond returned in late 2018 with the new album A Million and One, and she since released the non-album track "Dorian" and now has another non-album track, "Quiet Loud." Like the album, MBD's Shara Nova co-produced it with The Twilite Tone, who usually works hip hop, and the song has that same dark, synthy edge that the album has. Shara says the song was inspired by Casey Gerald's Ted Talk The Gospel of Doubt. Here's more from Shara:

Most of us have heard of ‘the butterfly effect,’ but it's often hard to believe that small changes in our lives would make much of a difference out there in the big world. Quiet Loud examines systems of oppression as ‘the building,’ and asks whether we should get out our pickaxe's, march around the walls and sing, sit in silence or grab a megaphone.

Casey Gerald's Ted Talk entitled ‘The Gospel of Doubt’ offered much inspiration to the song.

Gerald said, ‘We see suffering as a necessary act of the capitalism that is our God, we take the text of technological progress to be infallible truth,’ Gerald says, ‘and we hardly realize the human price we pay when we fail to question one brick, because we fear it might shake our whole foundation.’ But if the unconscionable things that we have come to accept disturb you, Gerald invites you to believe in a new gospel: a gospel of doubt.

‘The gospel of doubt does not ask that you stop believing,’ Gerald says, ‘but asks that you believe a new thing…that it’s possible the answers we have are wrong, that it’s possible the questions themselves are wrong.’ It raises the question of why, with all the power we hold in our hands, are people still suffering so badly?

‘Our time is too short and our odds are too long to wait for second comings,’ Gerald says, ‘when the truth is that there will be no miracles here…It will not be our blind faith, but our humble doubt that shines a little light into the darkness of our lives and our world, and lets us raise our voice to whisper, or to shout, or to say simply: there must be another way.’

"Quiet Loud" premieres in this post -- listen below.

As mentioned, My Brightest Diamond is touring this year, including a Brooklyn show on Tuesday (5/14) at Rough Trade with Tunde Olaniran (tickets). All dates are listed below.

My Brightest Diamond -- 2019 Tour Dates
MAY 13 MON Cafe 939 (w/ Tunde Olaniran) Boston, MA, United States
MAY 14 TUE Rough Trade (w/ Tunde Olaniran) Brooklyn, NY, United States
MAY 16 THU Rock & Roll Hotel (w/ Tunde Olaniran) Washington, DC, United States
MAY 17 FRI Gallery5 (w/ Tunde Olaniran) Richmond, VA, United States
MAY 19 SUN Rhythm N' Blooms Music Festival Knoxville, TN, United States
JUN 20 THU New Music Festival - Shara Nova with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Baltimore, MD, United States
JUN 29 SAT Halfway Festival Bialystok, Poland
AUG 3 SAT Look Around - Shara Nova with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Cincinnati, OH, United States

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