Greensboro, North Carolina's Charm are following last year's Acrobat Unstable-released EP Sugar Mountain with a new single, "Used to Say," which premieres in this post. The EP moved between hazy slacker rock, piano balladry, and jangle pop, but this new song goes in an upbeat, Strokes-y direction.

"'Used to Say' is a reflection of our emotions of the last year, full of highs and lows and a general feeling of uncertainty," the band tells us. "Musically it is an upbeat song that balances out the somber lyrics about regret, loss and a longing for what once was. This is a theme that seems to create a through line in a lot of our music, but it has never felt more meaningful and natural than in this new single. 'Used to Say' is a moment of clarity for us in a clouded year that sets a benchmark for where we want to be, personally and musically."

Listen below...

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