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Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea is indie-rock band Silver Jews' sixth studio album, due to be released 17 June 2008. It was recorded in Nashville and Lexington, Virginia. Silver Jews records are known for featuring different casts of musicians. This album features the touring band of lead singer, David Berman, including his wife Cassie. Berman has said that the album is "really different" to previous LPs. The album leaked onto the internet on March 17, 2008. [Wikipedia]

Stream it now @ MySpace. Tracklist below...

"What Is Not but Could Be If" - 3:08
"Aloysius, Bluegrass Drummer" - 1:54
"Suffering Jukebox" - 4:21
"My Pillow Is the Threshold" - 3:52
"Strange Victory, Strange Defeat" - 2:44
"Open Field" - 2:39
"San Francisco B.C." - 6:15
"Candy Jail" - 2:30
"Party Barge" - 2:55
"We Could Be Looking for the Same Thing" - 3:35

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