The long-running Zum label is releasing a new compilation, Zum Audio Vol 4, on November 5 (pre-order). The announcement reads:

Zum Audio Vol 4 surveys a cross-section of this decade’s art rock, punk, damaged electronics, and improvised music. Unconstrained by the limitation of previous CD incarnations, the thirty-plus tracks here span musicians from the US, Canada, Japan, the UK, Italy, and Australia. Curated by George Chen (KIT, Common Eider, King Eider, Chen Santa Maria), a writer and musician-turned-comedian, these international connections grew out of years touring the US and Europe as well as promoting all-ages events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The wishlist for this compilation was like putting together a virtual festival, which was conveniently the only type of festivity during COVID-19. Between established legacy acts on the Zum label (Body Double, The Acharis, My Heart, an Inverted Flame, Core of the Coalman, Somnambulists, Neil Campbell), veteran associates playing in new configurations (Spaceburn, The Skin Horse, Carrom, Gabriel Saloman), and newfound discoveries (Barbican Estate, It Sound, Bavaria), one senses the continuity of expansive tastes that has defined the long-running series.

We're premiering four tracks from the comp, by Zach Hill (Death Grips, Hella), Xiu Xiu, Body Double, and Prissy Whip. The Xiu Xiu song is a live radio version of "A Bottle of Rum" from their recent duets album OH NO (the album version features Grouper), the Zach Hill track is the abrasive electronic noise of "Startled Ea," Prissy Whip delivers avant-noise rock with "Not Impressed," and Body Double provide some punk/post-punk with "Prisonous Mind." Listen to all four below.

In related news, Xiu Xiu released a Danny Elfman remix today. Zach Hill recently did one too.

Alien Owl Cafe - Magick Matcha Moment
My Heart, an Inverted Flame - Five Felt Sevenly, Pallid and Sallow
Looose - It Was All Nearly Mine!
Kris & Tavi - Carrington Event
Earth Jerks - July 17th, 1959
The Urxed - Re-Regional
Prissy Whip - Not Impressed
The Acharis - Nothing’s Sacred
Body Double - Prisonous Mind
Watkins/Peacock - Stone Cold Stole Dub One
It Sound - Inbetween the Seas (Lectric Sand Dub Mix)
Michael Beach, Bonnie Mercer, Carla Oliver, Peter Warden - Kyneton #1
Barbican Estate - Abandon
Maskara - Dear Inertia… (#3)
Xiu Xiu - A Bottle of Rum (Live Radio)
Core of the Coalman - Incarnate Words
Somnambulists - Discordances
Spaceburn - New Growth
Pod Blotz - Remote Viewing Case #80787
Cube - Carpet ESP
Zach Hill - Startled Ea
Necking - Abyssal Joy
Chris Brian Taylor - Super Reverse Commuter
Jasmine Dreame Wagner - Three Themes from Drifts (Red Zone, Blue Ice, White Snow)
Father Murphy - His Face Showed No Distortions (Live at WFMU)
Neil Campbell - Rickety Bridge in the Rain
Bavaria - Nouveau Couteaux
Carrom - Number 4 (A.T.S.T.S.)
Kern Haug - to Mass
The Skin Horse - High Desert
Gabriel Saloman - Spatial Poetics
32. John Benson - Blood and Milk

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