New Brunswick, NJ's Ogbert the Nerd debuted in 2019 with a three-song EP, and they're set to follow it with their debut album, I Don't Hate You, this Friday (12/11) via Sun Eater Records (pre-order). If you're unfamiliar, Ogbert the Nerd make raw, anthemic, energetic emo that sounds as indebted to Cap'n Jazz's scrappy Midwest emo as it does to Tell All Your Friends-era Taking Back Sunday's melodramatic post-hardcore, and the ingredients may be familiar, but Ogbert the Nerd blend them in a way that feels fresh and inspired. It's a very cool record, and we're premiering a full stream of it below.

"I Don't Hate You is very much the embodiment of what we've been trying to communicate since we've started," the band tells us. "It begins at a party and it ends at a funeral, with everything along the way being the details usually spared to tell that kind of story. We didn't want to waste our breath and we don't want to waste anybody's time. This is us laying everything we’ve got out for everybody to see. We really hope you all like it."



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