Hundreds of AU is one of the many bands featuring screamo lifer Tom Schlatter (You and I, The Assistant, Capacities, Every Scar Has A Story, Lacrima, guest vocals on Thursday's Full Collapse, etc), and they've just followed 2019's Mission Priorities on Launch with their great third album, Acting From Remote Satellites, on Patient Zero Records (order vinyl).

The album was mostly written via file sharing in 2020 during lockdown, and it finds Hundreds of AU channelling the same type of '90s screamo that classic bands like You and I helped define, while also flirting with hardcore, black metal, post-rock, and more. It's a stunning record that you can't judge from just one song, and it's got a great flow from start to finish. Speaking about the lyrical content, vocalist Paul Alan (who also played alongside Schlatter in Hell Mary) told No Echo, "My lyrics are my way of getting something out that I may not feel comfortable addressing in another way, so sometimes revisiting them for further explanation doesn't come easy...and it shouldn't. It takes a lot for me to get to a point where I am ready and can hone it in. Luckily, it’s often buried in reverb and the mix."

Stream the full LP below...

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