It's been a big year for OG screamo, with new albums from City of Caterpillar and Gospel and the Saetia reunion shows, but there are also newer bands keeping that style of screamo alive, and one of the best ones around is NJ's Massa Nera (who opened one of the Saetia shows). Across one full-length, two splits, two EPs, and years of phenomenal live shows, Massa Nera built up a reputation as one of the most commanding, uncompromising, and ferocious bands in the genre's current wave, and their new sophomore LP Derramar | Querer | Borrar is their most expansive project yet. The band co-produced it with Saetia/Off Minor member Steve Roche, and it's a concept album with recurring themes and lyrics throughout, songs that segue directly into each other, and a drone at the beginning and end of the album that turns it into a seamless loop if you're listening on repeat.

Throughout the album, all four members trade throat-shredding screams that largely deals with struggling to exist "within a system that has seemingly eradicated any and all hope for an alternative to capitalism." They offer up pure screamo fury, towering post-rocky sections, grand string arrangements, and a hypnotic electronic interlude that breaks up all the chaos. It's a remarkable album; some moments fire you up with Massa Nera's raw, unfiltered anger, and other moments are simply breathtaking. It's as abrasive as it is beautiful, as sprawling as it is intimate. Derramar | Querer | Borrar honors various traditions of the screamo genre without ever sounding like rehashed genre worship; it feels urgent and fresh, just like Massa Nera's forebears did 20-30 years ago.

The album's out everywhere this Friday (12/2) via Zegema Beach Records, but a full stream premieres one day early right here:


Masa Nera also have upcoming shows, including a Brooklyn record release show on Saturday (12/3) at Gold Sounds with the stacked lineup of Dreamwell, My Fictions, Sonagi, and Stress Spells. All dates:

Massa Nera -- 2022/2023 Tour Dates
12/01: Factory Records (Dover, NJ) with Burial Dance, Raptureisdead!, and Silithyst
12/02: Planet Earth (Philadelphia, PA) with Sonagi, Mt. Ida, and Half/Cross
12/03: Gold Sounds Bar (Brooklyn, NY) with Dreamwell, My Fictions, Sonagi, and Stress Spells
12/09: Milky Mansion (New Brunswick, NJ) with Hundreds of AU, Burial Dance, and Stress Spells
12/10: Paul's Place (Beverly, MA) with Love Lace, Cape Crush, Conor Ryan Hennessy, and This Body Is All I Have in This World
12/11: Orchard House (New Haven, CT) with Let's Get Invisible, Burning Hand, and Marion
01/04: Mrs. Riley's Publik House (High Bridge, NJ) with Bleached Cross, Shamewave, and Haldol

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