Swedish skate punk vets No Fun At All have announced their first album in four years, Seventh Wave, due later this year on SBÄM Records. First single "It's Not A Problem" officially hits streaming services on Friday (7/22), but we're premiering an early stream of it in this post. It finds NFAA staying true to the kind of fast-paced, melodic punk rock that they churned out in the '90s, and here's what singer Ingemar Jansson says about it:

I live on an old farm that's been owned by my family since the 1850s. 20 years ago when my father died I decided to move in and to be the one responsible for keeping all the houses and buildings in good shape. To be honest most of the time I love it, but sometimes there is that ”The Shining” feeling, am I going crazy!!?? Also the contrast between spending time in the rural idyllic Swedish countryside and touring the world, being a cosmopolitan. The lyrics for this one just came to me on a really cold and snowy day last winter, hence ”wrong season."

Check out the song and lyric video:

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