Earlier this year, Vein.fm bassist Jon Lhaubouet (lead vocals), guitarist Andrew “Lumpy” Wojcik (Sanction, King Nine), bassist Jesse Sutherland (drummer of All Out War), and Mindforce members Mike Shaw (guitar) and Jay Petagine (drums) came together as No Souls Saved, a band named after the 1996 EP by Poughkeepsie death metal/hardcore band End of One, and whose music is modeled after that influential band too. They debuted with a two-song promo in February, and now they're set to release their debut EP, Not One Saved, on Lumpy's DAZE label this Friday (8/19). It was recorded and mixed by Evan Perino (who's also worked with Vein), it's got five songs, including both tracks from the promo, and all five of them are relentlessly heavy slabs of death-metallic hardcore. To quote Lumpy's own description that he gave to Decibel: "Five short and hard tracks, all you need."

It's streaming everywhere tomorrow, but an early stream is up now and you can check that out below. Lumpy also told Decibel that the band hope to play shows, so stay tuned for that too.

We've also teamed up with on an exclusive coke bottle clear variant of the 7", limited to just 100 copies. Pre-order yours now while they last. Here's a mock-up:

No Souls Saved

1. Unrelenting Decimation
2. Behold
3. Noose
4. Burning, Bleeding
5. Enter My Society

No Souls Saved

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