This past Friday, Massachusetts melodic punk/hardcore vets No Trigger returned with their first full-length album in ten years, Dr. Album, on Red Scare Industries. It's basically everything you want from this band -- it's funny but also serious and/or political, sometimes all at once. It's loaded with catchy choruses played at circle-pit-inducing speed, there's one kinda ska song ("Brainwashed"), one song where the band tried going on alt-country ("Water by the Beer Can"), one where they rap and quote Limp Bizkit ("Totally Digital"), a few that are kinda emo, and more. And there's a cool backing vocal part on "Coffee from a Microwave" by Little Low. It's a very fun record that you can stream in full below, and the band was also nice enough to give us a track-by-track breakdown of the whole thing. Read on for that, and pick up your copy of the album here.

No Trigger also have some upcoming tour dates, including Riot Fest in Chicago, Punk in Drublic Fest in Worcester, and The Fest 20 in Florida. They'll also play a NYC show on September 30 at Brooklyn Monarch supporting The Lawrence Arms.

1) Antifantasy:

“I remember coming up with the intro riff/words to this song and sending it to everyone and they were like 'yup.' From there it morphed into one of the most ridiculous punk songs we’ve ever written. Half cartoon, half Green Day, 100% fuck Nazis.”

2) Take Your Time:

“Hollywood wrote this one on guitar, and I put the words and melody over it. The intro skit to this song was recorded on a pretty good dose of acid in basically one take and off the top of my head, WITH the scream. Take that, Dave Grohl.”

3) Acid Lord™️:

“Bones wrote this one on guitar and I wrote the words. It uses the classic No Trigger 'short song' formula, where it’s fast and nothing repeats until it’s done, but this song pushes those limits. Pretty happy we were able to create a brand new religion with this song as well. We intend to start an actual cult so keep an eye out (A.H.A.L.).”

4) Coffee From A Microwave:

“Ever fall in love with a person that you weren’t supposed to spend the rest of your life with? It blows! Oh and Soy Boy wrote the music to this one. This song came out super great, mainly because Little Low is singing on it.”

5) Too High To Die:

“I think this one might be my favorite track on the record. The lyrics are dumb, the song is simple, but the slow dynamic buildup and the big twist in the middle make this song fun for me to listen to every time. Are we a keyboard band now? You bet your ass.”

6) No Tattoos:

“I don’t have any tattoos, but the good news is I’m still going to heaven. Gonna be lonely there without the rest of the band...”

7) Brainwashed:

“OK maybe this is my favorite track on the record, but mainly because of the second verse. I came up with the chorus of this song while in the shower at my parents house after ripping a bong in their back shed. Anyways we just played a bunch of festivals in Europe with Comeback Kid and they said they liked this song a lot so that’s cool.”

8) Water By The Beer Can:

“WBTBC answers the age old question: ‘If No Trigger wrote an alt-country song, what would it sound like?’ Look no further. This song has it all... horns, pedal steel, weird effects, a massive solo, oh and super dark lyrics about uncontrollable human depression. It goes without saying but we are more or less the punk Taylor Swift now, which is honestly what we’ve been aiming for since day one.”

9) Foggy Mountain Bus Stop:

“We wrote this song in about 15 minutes, words and all, and then played it outside together around a campfire in Michigan, popped on an iPhone voice recorder, and the rest is history.”

10) Northern Corner:

“Pippin wrote this one front to back. I just had to sing it. He did the same with 'Acceptance Speech' on the Acid Lord EP, and both songs are phenomenal. I think the bridge in 'Northern Corner' is one of my favorite parts of the whole record.”

11) Euro Coke:

“(*massive crowd cheering*) What’s up Houston! This song is called 'Euro Coke' and it’s about socialism! And a one and a two...”

12) Best Friend Stuff:

“This song is about my dead best friend, Bryan.”

13) Totally Digital:

“I rap on this one. And we quote Limp Bizkit on it. And I pretend I’m a kid yelling at my mom on it. And there are swears everywhere. Me and Hollywood were on the floor laughing during the entire process of recording the vocals to this song. But then we had a bunch of kids come in and sing on it and they said all the swears too! That was the best. My godson Lucca helped me write a bunch of the lyrics to 'Totally Digital,' which makes it one of my favorite No Trigger songs of all time. Little kids we stick stick together older kids are too cool so fuck it, whatever."


No Trigger -- 2022 Tour Dates
9/17 - Chicago, IL @ Riot Fest
9/24 - Worcester, MA @ Punk In Drublic Fest (w/ NOFX, Descendents, Face To Face, TSOL & more)
9/30 - Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Monarch (supporting The Lawrence Arms)
10/28-30 - Gainesville, FL @ FEST 20

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