Norwegian metal band Sundrowned named their debut album Become Ethereal, and between that and the aesthetic of the artwork (see above), you can probably guess that is not exactly metal at its most devil-worshipping. This is a beautiful metal album, one that pulls from black and sludge metal as much as it pulls from post-rock and dream pop. It sort of finds the middle ground between Deafheaven and Alcest's "blackgaze" and the prettier side of Neurosis and Cult of Luna's post-sludge metal, and Sundrowned really breathe new life into the post-metal landscape. You can probably guess a lot of their influences, but they sound fresh, and Become Ethereal is a gripping album. Once you click play, it's hard to turn it off.

The beauty aspect is upped by cello on three songs by Anders Sørvik and gorgeous, clean-sung guest vocals on "The Eternal" by Emilie Østebø, but for all the talk of how pretty this album is, it still is heavy. Main member Jone Amundsen Piscopo has a throat-shredding roar, and the rhythm section is as weighty as any sludge metal band.

It's a very cool LP, as you can hear for yourself by streaming it below. Vinyl copies are available over at Fysisk Format.


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