As mentioned, LA screamo band Nuvolascura are following their great 2019 self-titled debut LP with their sophomore album, As We Suffer From Memory and Imagination, out soon via Dog Knights / Zegema Beach. We recently posted lead single "Apyrexy," an under-two-minute rager, and we're now premiering second single "Pixel Vision Anxiety," which finds the band going in a slightly direction.

This one starts out on the mathy/tech-y side, with the bright, dizzying, melodic riffs contrasted by the grit in Erica's screams, and the song's frantic first half makes way for a more atmospheric, post-rocky mid-section, which as just as hypnotic as the mathy stuff in its own way. (Killer drumming on this song too.) Like the first record, they made this one with Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Loma Prieta, Joyce Manor, etc), and Jack really knows how to bring out the best in a song like this.

The band also tells us a little bit about this song, their plans to donate revenue from this song to charity, and the work some of the members have been doing to help with COVID-19 relief:

"Pixel Vision Anxiety" is the second single off of our upcoming LP As We Suffer From Memory and Imagination, out on vinyl very soon through Zegema Beach Records and Dog Knights Productions. This record is an attempt to keep ourselves challenged and evolving musically and lyrically, reflecting the challenges, changes, and loss we've come to terms with while writing it. These are difficult times for us all and we hope our music can connect with anyone feeling that burden right now.

That said, we will be collecting any profits made from the digital sales of "Pixel Vision Anxiety," as well as from a t-shirt we've printed depicting a demonstration by the Hillside Villa Tenants last year and donating them to 'Reclaiming Our Homes,' a reaction happening right now in East Los Angeles to the current housing crisis. Please read about their cause here. Both song and shirt can be purchased via our bandcamp now.

Additionally, if you or your loved ones are in the Los Angeles area and in need of (non medical grade) masks, hand sanitizer, and/or medical supplies, a couple of us have been involved in distributing free supplies on a semi-weekly basis through Bridgetown DIY, a community center located in La Puente, CA (20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles), in collaboration with 714 Mutual Aid. Please come and pick up some supplies if you are in need or help us spread the word and get supplies in the hands of those who need them. You can also make a donation to Bridgetown DIY through our website.

Thank you to Brooklyn Vegan for premiering this song, Zegema Beach Records & Dog Knights Productions, Jack Shirley for recording, and Sean Leary for the artwork.

Listen to "Pixel Vision Anxiety" and first single "Apyrexy" below:

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