We named NYC black/death metal trio Gravesend's debut LP Methods Of Human Disposal one of the metal albums we're anticipating this year, so we're thrilled to be premiering a full stream of the LP ahead of this Friday's (2/19) release via 20 Buck Spin (pre-order). As the pre-release singles suggested, this album is a whirlwind of filth, but with just enough clarity and precision to make these songs rise above the murk. (It was mixed by Power Trip collaborator Arthur Rizk, who knows how make bands sounds crisp without sacrificing any of the sonic assault.)

"We were in the midst of writing this record as the decline of the world was emanating," the band tells us. "We think it serves as a fitting soundtrack to the bleak current state of affairs. If you had any glimmers of hope, put on this record and imagine a future that has you shackled into endless emotional and mental bondage."

We'll second that. Listen right here:


1. Fear City
2. STH-10
3. Methods Of Human Disposal
4. Ashen Piles Of The Incinerated
5. End Of The Line
6. Subterranean Solitude
7. Unclaimed Remains
8. Verrazano Floater
9. Eye For An Eye
10. Trinity Burning
11. Needle Park
12. Absolute Filth
13. The Grave’s End
14. Scum Breeds Scum
15. Concrete Feet


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