Hallucinator are a new-ish Oakland band who recall the era of bands making raw, filthy thrash that would soon turn into death and black metal (Repulsion, Bathory, Morbid Angel, etc), and though it's obviously not anything new, Hallucinator do it so genuinely that you might mistake their upcoming debut album Another Cruel Dimension for a lost record from 1987. It absolutely rips, which you can now hear for yourself, as we're premiering a full stream of the record ahead of this Friday's release. Listen below.

The record comes out on Necrot drummer Chad Gailey's Carbonized Records. Pre-order digital or physical.

1. Another Cruel Dimension
2. Clotted Black Blood
3. Alcoholic Possession
4. Hiss In The Skull
5. Ruthless Transgression
6. Pervader
7. Into Lurid Destinations
8. Beyond The Threshold Of Sanity
9. Primeval Power
10. Mad Reaper
11. On They Slay (R.A.V.A.G.E. Cover)
12. Chapel Perilous
13. Descent Without Control

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