Here's a new four-way split from four very killer screamo bands: 소나기 aka Sonagi (a new-ish band featuring Ryan Slausson of Brooklyn's Closer who make their recorded debut on this split), Edmonton's Obroa-skai, Chicago's Indisposed, and Indiana's Coma Regalia (who count Tom Schlatter as a member on this recording). It's called The Cold Promise of Uncertainty, it's out now on Middle-Man Records, and it's very cool stuff all around. Each bands' contributions are a little different -- Sonagi's are more desperate and melodic, Obroa-skai's are more raw and in your face, Indisposed's one song is more atmospheric, post-rocky, and longer than any other track on this (at five and a half minutes), and Coma Regalia's veer a little more in a hard-hitting punk/hardcore direction -- but they all go together very well. The whole thing is a gem from start to finish, and it won't take you very long to listen to it that way. Do so here:

In recent related news, this split comes less than a week after Obroa-skai's split with San Diego's YSIDRO, and you can stream that here too: