Prolific rapper/producer Oddisee released his latest album, the very good The Iceberg, earlier this year on Mello Music Group. He supported it on tour with a full band, his backing band Good Compny, and he is now set to release a live album with recordings from that tour. It's called Beneath the Surface and it mostly includes songs from The Iceberg but also some older favorites like The Good Fight standout "That's Love." Oddisee always puts on a fantastic live show, especially with a band, and this album does a great job of showcasing that. It comes out digitally this Friday (11/10) and physically December 22, 2018 via MMG (pre-order), but you can hear the whole thing now. We're premiering a full stream of the album below.

GoodCompny is:
Lead Vocal/ Producer: Oddisee
Guitar/Vocals: Olivier St. Louis
Keys/ Vocal: Ralph “Real” Washington
MPC/ Samples: Richard “DJ Unown” Patterson
Drums/ Vocals: Jon Laine
Musical Director/ Lead Arranger/ Bassist: Mr. Dennis Turner

Executive Producer: Dennis Turner, Micheal Tolle, Amir Mohamed
Producer: Oddisee
Engineer: Arie Van Der Poel
Mastering: Mystery Room Mastering - Justin Perkins

Tour Personnel:
Manager: Daniel Luedtke
Tour Manager: Dirk "XRated" Tschan
FOH/ Monitor Engineer: Arie Van Der Poel

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