We recently posted two songs off Norwegian metalpunks Okkultokrati's upcoming album La Ilden Lyse (which translates to "Keep The Fire Burning") -- their first since 2016's Raspberry Dawn -- and now we're premiering a full stream of the album ahead of this Friday's (5/15) release via Southern Lord (pre-order digital or physical). Four years is the longest Okkultokrati have gone without an album, and it seems like the time away has only made them sound more furious. La Ilden Lyse tones down the gloomy post-punk/deathrock side of the band's earlier work, and finds them diving more head-first into their Discharge side. As usual, they combine the punk influences with the harsh vocals and atmospheric rawness of early black metal and the metallic rock and roll of bands like Motorhead and Venom, so La Ilden Lyse is still in the same general ballpark as Okkultokrati's other albums; it's just even nastier.

The band offers this:

Behind the veil of the mundane world there is fire, darkness and the old gods. Beyond space and time there is an essence of nature, existence and madness. Life is constant struggle, endurance and pain, and if it doesn't break your spirit then you are forged stronger in the flames. Infernal hellscapes, hidden realms and a glimpse into the void, all while spitting in the face of adversity.

La Ilden Lyse is triumphant, tyrannical and transgressive music to inspire, anger and fuel the fires of pitch black souls.

Keeping the fire alive!

Stream the album:

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