Orphan Donor is another project of Secret Cutter drummer Jared Stimpfl, and compared to Secret Cutter's sludge/grind sound, Orphan Donor pulls more from '90s/early '00s screamo and metalcore and does a lot of justice to that sound. We're premiering Orphan Donor's new single "Planks," of which Stimpfl simply offers this: "It reminded me of Deadguy. And I love Deadguy." He also adds, "It's mostly about becoming an individual piece of wood amongst your friends, who are also planks of wood. Don't do Salvia kids."

"Planks" is the second single off Orphan Donor's upcoming album Old Patterns, due March 13 via Zegema Beach Records (pre-order digital or cassette), and if you like Deadguy or any other noisy screamo/metalcore/post-hardcore from that era, you should check it out. Listen below.

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