Overexposure is a new band with some familiar faces from the Southern California hardcore scene, including vocalist Ryan Doria, who's played in All Or Nothing H.C., Pressure Cracks, and more (and runs War Against Records). Their debut album is called California '98, and as you'd probably expect from the title, the music hearkens back to the sound of late '90s Bay Area hardcore. It's also loaded with impressive guests, many of whom helped define that sound. The album's bookended by piano pieces by AFI bassist Hunter Burgan, and it features guest vocals by Walter Delgado (Rotting Out), Efrum Schulz (Death By Stereo), Brenna Red (The Last Gang), Eva Hall (Power Alone), Geoff Kresge (AFI, Tiger Army), Jeff Salsibury (Skullcrack), Cameron Miller (Seizures), and more.

With a cast of players like that, expectations are high and this LP delivers. It's ripper after ripper that does total justice to the raw, no-frills, classic hardcore sound, and these are powerful songs that take on topics like political issues, mental health, veganism, and more. If you're a fan of this kind of thing, give the album a listen below. Vinyl pre-orders are up via War Against Records.

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