Seattle hardcore/powerviolence band Endorphins Lost will follow their 2019 album Seclusions (and 2022 EP Head Sick) with a new full-length, Night People, on February 3 via To Live A Lie/Rotten To The Core. (Pre-orders launch on 1/20.) We're premiering new single "Fear Him," a 46-second, whiplash-inducing song that the band describes like this:

This song is a self-implosion story. It’s about an old, white supremacist dirtbag of a dying generation attempting to reclaim his youth and vitality through the grooming of younger generations to follow in his footsteps. It’s a day in the life perspective of a real bad man winding down the last moments of his life, ultimately being destroyed by his actions set in motion. Predators like this are always the same, extending their personal crusades and ‘legacy’ by way of false bravado and pumped up hate speech as selling points to young and impressionable, pissed off people. And when these kinds of ethically stunted, backwards people die violent deaths, it’s no surprise and it’s no great loss to anyone. The violent death of a violent person is death by natural causes as far as we are concerned - natural to the type of life they lived. A morally conscious society looks onto a brighter day, with one less hate filled dinosaur walking among us.

They also recently released the song "Regulation Area Bombing," which they had this to say about:

This song is an allegory about people’s ability to divorce their conscience from their actions when necessary in order to win. The fog of war was heavy in 1943-1945. With the Nazis steamrolling their way towards Britain, US air command devised a ‘cut-the-head-off-the-snake’-style target bombing campaign to disrupt the aggressive German advance. After failed attempts and with doomsday approaching, the tactics were altered to use a ‘carpet-bomb’ approach instead which proved effective from the optics of the wartime media. The allied propaganda spewed news of massive success in the states and UK and was met with great cheer and rejoice from a captive audience left in the dark. But on the ground in Germany, whole cities burned, rivers boiled, and the screams of the innocent howled in the wind. Children turned to cinders while America danced in the streets. The song is a snapshot illustrating a larger problem that has plagued humankind eternally… if the ends justify the means, can we afford to allow morality into the conversation in times of war?

Stream both singles below. Endorphins Lost have two Pacific Northwest release shows in February, and they're planning a West Coast tour with French deathgrinders Whoresnation for June (dates TBA).

Bounded Choice
Step, Leap, Plunge
Fear Him
Glory’s Son
The Myth Of Modern Medicine
Remington Right
Regulation Area Bombing
Night People
Uptown Traffic
Carcano 63′
Funerals To Come
The Day The Well Went Dry
Rabbit Cage

Endorphins Lost -- 2023 Tour Dates
2/03/2023 Lucky Liquor – Seattle, WA w/ Theories, Tithe
2/04/2023 Black Water – Portland, OR w/ Netherrealms, Spill

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