by Rob Sperry-Fromm


For the true believers among us, there's a big, gnarly NYC metal show coming up with venerable local black metal crew Profanatica (they've been around since the early 90s), absolutely punishing Philly death metal outfit Pissgrave, and local doom/death crushers Luminous Vault. That show goes down at Saint Vitus on March 19, and tickets are on sale now. This one should be brutal, if nothing else.

Pissgrave released Suicide Euphoria in 2015, and it's a rank, bludgeoning slab of no-frills death metal. You can stream it below.

Luminous Vault released their first EP, Communion, also in 2015. It uses drum machines and churning, roiling riffs to beat you into submission. You can stream that below too. In fact, you can stream material from all three bands below. Check that out...