Last month, Pittsburgh screamo band Annakarina (who share members with Short Fictions, Shin Guard, Scratchy Blanket, and Coma Regalia) released their first song in five years, "We Are Passing," which we named one of the best punk songs of November. Today, they surprise-released the two-song EP Always Moving Forward, featuring that song and the new "You Weren't Ready." Compared to the harsher "We Are Passing," "You Weren't Ready" starts out on the more melodic emo/post-rock side with soaring clean vocals and gorgeous horn lines, and the nearly-seven-minute song builds and builds until it reaches a heavy, cathartic climax.

While "We Are Passing" was, in vocalist Chloe June's words, a song "about trans feelings: what it feels like to be closeted, what it feels like to be scared of coming out, and the feeling of finally coming out," "You Weren't Ready" is about "the feeling of watching a loved one lose a loved one," and it tells the story in gripping, cinematic detail that leaves you hanging on every word. Listen below.

For more music in this realm, earlier today we ran a list of great screamo releases of 2020.

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