My name is Adrienne Rae Ash. I started Plasma Canvas as a way to vent about my life. A lot of the songs existed before the band did. I grew up in a rural town in the midwest and moved to Colorado in late 2015 to escape anti-trans violence, as well as pursue a career in music. When I got here, I immediately started trying to form a band. I posted on Craigslist a few times trying to find a drummer and bassist, but no one wanted to work with me because I’m a transgender woman (seriously, it was super bogus). Eventually I found a level-headed weirdo named Dave Sites and we clicked. Due to the amount of difficulty I had just in the way of finding an open-minded drummer, I decided that the less egos and personalities I had to filter my ideas through, the better - so we were officially a two-piece from then on.

[...] Our music is and always has been largely about trying to feel alive in the moment because we may not get another chance to do so. As a queer transgender person, it often feels like the world is out to get me. Some want to legislate me out of existence. Some want to flat-out kill me. Plasma Canvas has always been my way to scream in their faces. Our music is about fighting back, whether that be with force, with volume, or with just existing as an act of rebellion.

We are the loudest, gayest band in the world.

Fort Collins, Colorado punk two-piece Plasma Canvas formed a few years back (that's an excerpt of their engaging origin story above); put out their self-titled debut LP in 2016 and a few EPs and acoustic releases since then; logged gigs with Against Me!, Descendents, Iron Chic, and more; and they were supposed to open this spring's Bouncing Souls / Less Than Jake / Lagwagon / Leftover Crack shows before COVID-19 got in the way. If you're into those bands, you're probably gonna like Plasma Canvas too. Their new EP KILLERMAJESTIC was produced by Descendents' Bill Stevenson, and going by its singles, Plasma Canvas make raging, powerful, melodic punk rock that's very much in the tradition of the established bands they've shared the stage with.

The recently released title track is a headbanger that finds them nearly in sludge metal territory, but new song "Firecracker" is more of a snotty skate punk ripper and Descendents fans may especially like this one. Adrienne says, "It's a song about being a gay woman and having a passing crush on a straight girl. It was inspired by the unique kind of suckiness that comes with knowing that a relationship is just not meant to be, and it's no one's fault. It's a tribute to those intense-but-fleeting-but-intense crushes that twenty-somethings get between crowded, sweaty parties at the
local punk house on summer nights, but with the added fun fact that it's queer as hell."

"Firecracker" premieres below, and you can watch the video for the title track below too. The EP comes out June 12 via SideOneDummy (pre-order).

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