Last year, Tampa emo vets Pohgoh reunited and released their first album in 20 years, the very solid Secret Club. They've stayed active since, and recently wrapped up a Japan tour with their old pal Caithlin De Marrais (of Rainer Maria). For that tour, Pohgoh and Caithlin released a limited (to 100) split 7" that was only available at the merch tables in Japan and sold out before the tour ended. The 7" isn't getting a physical release in the US, but the split is now available on streaming services.

The new Pohgoh song, "Repeat Exchanges," sounds like it could've fit perfectly on Secret Club, and drummer Keith Ulrey says, "The song lyrically, speaks of the generational divide in the US regarding our current administration and coming to terms with severed or damaged relationships with our parents/elders who we've lost to right-wing media influence."

Cait's new song, "Good Luck Come Back," is much different than the last Rainer Maria album. She made it with her Rainer Maria bandmate Kaia Fischer, and it's a dose of bare-bones, partially electronic indie pop. It's Cait's first release under her own name in eight years.

Listen to the split below:

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