RidingEasy Records and Chicago/LA record store Permanent Records are back with the fifth installment of their compilation series, Brown Acid. If you're unfamiliar, the comps collect obscure '60s and '70s heavy psych/hard rock/proto-metal jams, and the stuff they find is always worth hearing. It sorta does for proto-metal what Lenny Kaye's Nuggets did for garage rock, and in fact, Lenny Kaye recently endorsed Brown Acid. The bands featured on this one are Captain Foam, George Brigman, Finch, Clockwork, Fargo, Mammoth, Flasher, Lance, Zebra (who cover "Helter Skelter"), and Thor. If you're into more popular stuff from that era like Sabbath, or newer stuff like Electric Wizard, Uncle Acid, Ty Segall and King Gizzard, it's worth checking these songs out.

The album drops on Halloween (natch), and you can pre-order it here. Until then, we're premiering a full stream of Brown Acid: The Fifth Trip right here:

01. Captain Foam "No Reason" (1968)
02. George Brigman "Blowin' Smoke" (1977)
03. Finch "Nothing In The Sun" (1968)
04. Clockwork - "Cybernaut" (1974)
05. Fargo "Abaddon" (1969)
06. Mammoth "Mammoth" (1970)
07. Flasher "Icky Bicky" (1976)
08. Lance "Fireball" (1977)
09. Zebra "Helter Skelter" (1971)
10. Thor "Lick It" (1977)

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