Screamo/post-hardcore bands Overo, Zochor, Punch On! and Coma Regalia are releasing a 4-way split, Another Year in Hell, on December 3 via Middle-Man Records and Scully Records in the US (pre-order), and six other labels worldwide. We're premiering "Gore-Tex Aorta" by Bristol's Punch On!, who pull influence from bands like Loma Prieta, Raein, and Birds in Row, as you can hear on this impassioned new song.

"'Gore-Tex Aorta’ documents heart surgery that I had in 2011," vocalist Sean tells us. "My life in the year preceding the surgery had been chaotic and unstructured. I had the root 12cm replaced with a plastic tube due to an aortic dilation. I was required to sign off on several mitigating factors, including increased risk of stroke, a broken sternum, and the possibility of being on medication long term. The 10-hour procedure was followed by a three month reflective recovery period. From here, I rebuilt my life. I stopped eating meat, started working in education, and began pursuing music."

"The video was recorded during the summer 2020 lockdown, where I was shielding, at points in the day when things were less busy. I desired to capture the beautiful energy of the friendships that made that period sustainable - the online catch-ups and the socially distanced gatherings under an under-assuming underpass. ‘Gore-Tex Aorta’ stands as a reminder of mortality, a reframing of experience, and a celebration of joy and love in restrictive contexts."

Check it out:


For those not in the US, the split arrives via Pundonor Records (ES), LilacSky Records (NO), Boslevan Records (UK), zilpzalp records (DE), Sad React Records (DK), and Shove (IT).


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