NYC-viaNepal grinders Chepang and Chicago political hardcore vets Racetraitor are putting out a split 7" on Twelve Gauge Records this Friday, 12/2 (pre-order), with two new songs by each band, and we're now premiering a stream of the full thing. Here's what Chepang's Kshitiz Moktan says about it:

Hi this is Kshitiz from Chepang and I'm here to tell you 5 things that kept us at night and help inspire this split album:

1. The streets and the struggle during the time we wrote and recorded this record . It was a very dark era/time for people of color like us and still IS.

2. The inspiration to build and form a camaraderie with likeminded people and unite. Racetraitor and Jihad from Twelve Gauge Records being one of the role models for us and inspiration for what they have been doing for the community for so long.

3. The need to find a voice together where our voices can be heard loud and clear

4. The need to keep grinding and let our voices be heard regardless of shape, size, form or media.

5. The motivation from our friends/family in other media and art/practices who are still working harder than ever to fight for our community

"I am illegal - Stealing your jobs. I am illegal - Selling them drugs. I am Illegal - Igniting your insecurities"- CHEPANG

Racetraitor vocalist Mani Mostofi adds, "This split has a special place in my heart. I am a child of Iranian immigrants. Racetraitor's guitar player Dan is also. That experience has been core to who we are as musicians. Chepang are all immigrants and one of the best bands in grindcore. Twelve Gauge Records is run by a Palestinian immigrant. So watch out America, we immigrants are here to take your jobs and your riffs."

The whole split truly rips, and Chepang's grindy fury pairs well with Racetraitor's slower, chugging, metallic hardcore. Listen below.

Chepang, credit: Gomez

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