Out of the ashes of the much-loved, now-defunct 2010s screamo band Yusuke comes Reste, whose first release is a split with Italy's Chivàla, out now on Zegema Beach, No Funeral, Friendly Otter, Longrail, Fresh Outbreak, Missed Out, Les Disques Rabat Joie, Polar Summer, Seitan Hell Bike and Yoyodyne Records. The split has two Reste songs ("Drowning In A Glass Bottle" and "Unavoidable Meeting") and one from Chivàla ("avrà i tuoi occhi"), and the whole thing is very much worth your time.

Respire pull from percussive post-hardcore, mathy Midwest emo, and raw but climactic screamo, and these very compelling songs should have no trouble pulling in fans of any or all of those things. Chivàla lean a little more on the post-rock/post-metal side, and their impassioned six-minute offering finds them in grander, cleaner territory than they were on last year's splits with Amitiè/Lytic/Pique and Suirami. It seems clear that this band is only going better.

Listen to the full split below...


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