As mentioned, NJ punks Shades Apart are finally set to release a new album for the first time in 19 years, Eternal Echo, due August 28 via Hellminded Records (pre-order). We're now premiering the first taste of the album, "Thread," and judging by this song, it seems like the long hiatus hasn't dampened Shades Apart's energy one bit. It's a hard rock-infused post-hardcore ripper that would've fit in just fine on their last album (2001's Sonic Boom), and it sounds pretty great in 2020 too.

"'Thread' was the first track we wrote together after an extended hiatus," the band tells us. "The overwhelming energy of the song and the ease in which it came together made us realize we had to continue writing music. Although it came early in the songwriting process, it set the tone for what would eventually become Eternal Echo." The song was recorded at the legendary Blasting Room studio (founded by Descendents/Black Flag drummer Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore), and Shades Apart bassist Kevin Lynch says, "Another interesting part of the story is that Jason Livermore reached out to us and told us to come out to record some songs. Recording wasn't really on the radar at the time but The Blasting Room guys just wanted to hear some new music out of us..."


1. So What Now
2. Only Light
3. Dark Valley Lake
4. Teach Me
5. Thread
6. 95
7. Counting Down
8. Aurora
9. Souls and Soldiers
10. Dark Side of Life

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