The Skiffle Players already released the 'Piffle Sayers EP this year, and now they're releasing a new full-length Skiff this Friday (10/26) via Spiritual Pajamas. It's their second full-length, following 2016's very good Skifflin', and since then there's been a bit of a change. "Now, they all sing and write. There is NO LEADER," the label writes. With this new approach, the five members -- Cass McCombs, Neal Casal, Farmer Dave Sher, Dan Horne, and Aaron Sperske -- set out to make an album that brings together even more sounds than their debut. There's some actual skiffle in the mix, but there's also psychedelic rock, bluegrass, country rock, blues rock, and more, and the guys in this band are all naturals at this type of thing. A lot of people today know skiffle because of pre-Beatles skiffle group The Quarrymen, but Skiff sounds less like The Beatles' early days and more like West Coast psychedelic rock circa Summer of Love. But whether The Skiffle Players sound a half century old or an entire century old, Skiff sounds fresh today too. Check out a stream of the whole album, which premieres below.

In other recent Cass McCombs news, he recently put out a noise song and a Fred Neil cover with The Chapin Sisters. UPDATE: Cass also just today released a new teaser called 'Tip of the Sphere.' New album?

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