Milwaukee screamo band Snag are releasing their first new song since 2021's great Death Doula this Friday (5/5), and it gets an early premiere in this post. It's called "Invasive Species (Cop City)," and it's an intense song that combines the harsh fury of '90s screamo with the chaotic, proggy post-hardcore of At the Drive-In. As for its powerful lyrical content, the band explains:

It's about Cop City, the proposed clear-cutting of a forest near Atlanta for the purposes of erecting a police training facility that would enable cops to practice repressing urban uprisings akin to the 2020 George Floyd uprising. It's absolutely gross and the opposite direction we need to be going as a society. And it represents so much of what's wrong with our culture: the logic that says you can cut down a forest to build a fake American city in which to train the cops to do battle with Americans is the same logic of domination that says you can force a trans person to de-transition, force a pregnant person to give birth, or poison indigenous land for fossil fuel extraction.

Listen below. The band also have a full-length split with Coma Regalia coming out later this year so stay tuned for more on that.

artwork by Kyle Rotta / @toputitnicely

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