Silver Spring, MD musician Spring Silver (aka K Nkanza) is gearing up to release their new album I Could Get Used To This on March 4. It features a handful of cool guests, including Cloud Nothings' Dylan Baldi (saxophone on "My Feelings on the Matter" and "Call It Strength"), Speedy Ortiz/Sad13's Sadie Dupuis (vocals on "Plead Insanity"), Bartees Strange (vocals on "Plead Insanity"), Jhariah Clare (vocals on "O Kristi"), Mister Goblin (vocals on "Little Prince" and "O Kristi"), Ovlov's Theo Hartlett (drums on "Set Up A Camera"), and more, and we're premiering its powerful third single "I Saw Violence." K gave us some background on the song:

During my time at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Melania Trump was invited to speak at the new sports arena that hosted both school events and private events. UMBC didn't notify the students. They knew we would be pissed off, I imagine. We found out about the event featuring the (at the time) first lady which would be hosted on our own campus, from the news, of all places. So I, along with numerous other students, went to protest. Some MAGA dude stormed up to us claiming to want a "civil debate". Not 2 minutes later, he bloodied a fellow protester's nose. UMBC chief of police Paul Dillon claims the event was made up. He says, "We had officers watching the protesters, keeping them safe." Dillon certainly was right about the police presence. They were everywhere. They couldn't have missed it.

The irony of this whole thing is so glaring, you need shades to reckon with it: the guy demanding a 'civil debate' at a protest of all places, then immediately resorting to physical violence, the people claiming to protect and serve using their powers to cover up violence. The whole thing made me so fuckin sick I wrote a song about it.

All of that anger and frustration comes through in "I Saw Violence," which is a fired-up indie rock song with a truly soaring, impassioned vocal delivery from K. Listen below.

And here are the two previous singles:

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