Squint is a new St. Louis band fronted by Soul Craft's Brennen Wilkinson that also features current and former members of Time and Pressure, New Lives, and Choir Vandals, and they cite pioneering melodic hardcore bands like Turning Point and Rites of Spring as influences, alongside classic '90s indie rock bands like Sugar and Seaweed. It results in a kind of indie-friendly post-hardcore that sits nicely next to bands like Drug Church, Fiddlehead, One Step Closer, and Title Fight, and if you've been enjoying the moment that that sound has been having lately, you need Squint in your life. Their debut release is the Feel It EP, which offers up five rippers in under ten minutes, and goes hard as hell the whole time. It's as catchy as it is aggressive, and the band's big, chunky riffs provide the perfect backdrop for Brennen's tuneful roar.

"Thematically, Feel It is about just what the name suggests: truly processing things as a whole and not running from your emotions during that process, no matter how difficult," Brennen tells us. "The lies we tell ourselves often cause the most damage. This record is about coming to terms with the things we have run from or have hidden from ourselves. It’s about truly facing what is holding you back in life and how to find the strength to break through it."

The EP officially drops Friday (4/29) via Sunday Drive Records (pre-order), but a full stream premieres right here:

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