St. Louis' Time and Pressure have been making a name for themselves as one of the most promising new melodic hardcore bands around, and they're now set to follow their 2019 debut LP The Gateway City Sound with their anticipated sophomore album Halfway Down next week (7/30) via Safe Inside Records (pre-order). They made the album with Andy Nelson (ex-Weekend Nachos), who also helmed their debut, and it's a crisp, hard-hitting record fueled by the powerful voice of Drew Maxey, who's got a tuneful approach to his screams and a real purpose to his lyrics, which are socially and politically conscious at times and deeply introspective at others.

"Halfway Down is the culmination of everything we’ve each learned in our time making music, not just from this band, but from all our previous projects, too," Drew tells us. "While that may seem like it can lead to a chaotic mess of an album without a singular identity, the finished LP very much has its own cohesive sound--this is unmistakably a Time and Pressure album. It may have some nods to the past, but those are just footprints on a path that lead us here. It’s still the five of us making these ten songs in the present time."

The album's not officially out for a week, but we're premiering a full stream below. If you like melodic hardcore of any kind, don't sleep on this.


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