Last year, Santa Rosa screamo/post-hardcore band State Faults finally returned with their first album in six years, Clairvoyant (on No Sleep/Dog Knights), and it was very worth the wait - State Faults only sounded heavier and more intense than they did on their already classic 2013 album Resonate / Desperate. They were supposed to tour Europe with Boneflower this year, which obviously isn't happening, and they had planned to release the limited, tour-only Moon Sign Gemini 7" on that tour. Fortunately, they're releasing the 7" anyway (pre-order yours), and we're premiering a stream of it in this post.

It features "Moon Sign Gemini" and "Funeral Teeth" from Clairvoyant, as well as the non-album track "Despera" from the Resonate / Desperate sessions and a demo version of "Funeral Teeth" called "Dead Teeth," which also dates back to the Resonate / Desperate sessions. The 7" marks the first physical release for "Despera" and the first-ever release of "Dead Teeth," and the whole thing is very worth checking out. The band tells us:

"Moon Sign Gemini" was one of the first songs Jonny wrote almost immediately after we finished Resonate/Desperate and along with "Funeral Teeth," they are two of the most direct, in your face, over-before-you-know-it tracks on Clairvoyant and they felt fitting to serve as the A-side for this EP.

The two B-side tracks were recorded during the Resonate/Desperate sessions and are the only two songs we wrote for that album that didn’t make the cut. The song "Despera' was initially in the original track list but we swapped it out at the last minute. "Dead Teeth" felt a little too raw and out of control for R/D but when we started gathering material for Clairvoyant, that song became one of the first that we brought back to life and it felt like a perfect fit. Jonny reworked the lyrics, called it “Funeral Teeth” and the rest is history. The awesome thing about the way that we write is that nothing ever gets thrown out. Everything that doesn’t make an album gets set aside to be revisited and reworked later on. So much of Clairvoyant started out as R/D rough cuts that didn’t quite make it to the studio but found new life when we started writing for Clairvoyant. This EP feels like a perfect bridge between those two albums.

Stream it here:

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