Christie Front Drive vocalist/guitarist Eric Richter, Mineral/The Gloria Record bassist Jeremy Gomez, and Boys Life drummer John Anderson recently formed the new band Suburban Eyes and released their debut single “Uncomplicated Lives,” and we’re now premiering their second single, “SoCal (Psycho).” The first single felt like an update of the kind of emo that Suburban Eyes’ members separately helped shape in the ’90s, but this new one has more of a surfy post-punk feel. Eric explains:

When we started this project, I found out that the interface I was using to record demos was obsolete and I needed to update my equipment. Jeremy suggested using Logic because I was really only familiar with GarageBand. The first time I sat down to test my new interface with Logic, I found a drum pattern called So-Cal. The first thought that came to mind was surfing, so I started strumming a jangly ‘surf’ progression over the beat. I had the entire song written in two-to-three takes and the lyrics came instantly. John added a keyboard hook that he had heard in his head while listening to the demo and the song came into focus.

The video plays off those themes, splicing together footage of ocean waves with clips of the band playing. Check it out below.