Super Unison (aka former Punch vocalist Meghan O’Neil, former Snowing drummer Justin Renninger, and guitarist Kevin DeFranco) are following their great 2016 debut Auto with their sophomore album, Stella, on October 26 via Deathwish (pre-order). They made this one with an all-star underground rock team -- it was recorded by the legendary Steve Albini, produced by Don Devore (of Ink & Dagger, Lilys, etc), and mastered by frequent Deafheaven collaborator Jack Shirley. Following lead single "Falcon," we're premiering a second single, "Parts Unknown." Like "Falcon," "Parts Unknown" sees Super Unison taking their sound into new territory without abandoning the hardcore attack of their debut. This one sees Meghan rotating between a punky yell and a hardcore roar over some nice, driving power chords, and the song eventually turns into something more atmospheric, as Meghan's scream gets harsher and harsher. Check it out below.

Super Unison Stella

1. Unconditional
2. The Snake
3. Parts Unknown
4. The Birthday Gift
5. Comfort
6. Falcon
7. Nev
8. Virus
9. Quiet Again
10. Scars

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