One-person emo band Superdestroyer is releasing a new album, Such Joy, on Friday (10/1) via Lonely Ghost Records (which he co-owns). Superdestroyer calls his music "post-genre/5th wave" and that's a pretty good description for this new album, which channels a lot of the same punk, emo, and post-hardcore influences as most of emo's fifth wave, but delivers them in a warped, trippy way that was inspired by Panda Bear's Person Pitch. Superdestroyer says:

Such Joy was written over the past 2 years, with a focus on documenting some of the less-than-stellar (incredibly shitty) moments in my life and the ways in which my being in that state affected those around me. Often when these topics came up in conversation, I was told that I was "seeing the glass as half empty" when it felt more like I was choking on the sip I just took.

This album documents my attempts to see the glass differently while allowing myself to acknowledge that sometimes things really are terrible and it's ok to feel bad. The album was recorded to sound fluid and ethereal--like being under water--and the production captures that watery sound. The "shitty Beach Boys on a bad acid trip" vibe takes a lot of influence from Panda Bear's Person Pitch, which uses layered vocals and reverby samples to create an atmospheric, psychedelic and ethereal sound. I thought it'd be cool to try something similar within and around the genre of punk.

The album isn't officially out until Friday, but a full stream premieres in this post. Listen: