Autarkic is the music moniker of Tel Aviv's Nadav Spiegel, and he'll release his debut album I Love You, Go Away on April 28 via Disco Halal. Ahead of its release, we've got the premiere "Warmth (How Mean Is Mean?)". Here's what Nadav tells us about it:

As i see it "i love you go away" is a dance album but not a dance-floor album, it is a listening album that tells my story and I hope that who will listen to it would relate to his own story.

"Warmth" is the closing track of the album and with it I tried to create a soft & comforting pillow to crash on after the rollercoaster ride the listeners & myself went through the 8 tracks that came before it.

On "Warmth (how mean is mean)" Ilia Grosz contributed vocals and violin and Natalie Feldesman added her vocals too.

Other musicians that contributed to the album are: Gilbert Broid, Tamir Chen & Xen.

Listen below. Autarkic will play this year's Primavera Sound festival.

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